ASCII 2 Protocol SDK

Technology Solutions UK Ltd provide these SDKs to communicate with all TSL ASCII 2 Protocol Compatible UHF RFID Readers

TSL UHF Readers use the Technology Solutions UK Ltd ASCII 2 Protocol for communication over Bluetooth or USB, typically over a virtual serial port. These SDKs provide an API to communicate with the readers using the Technology Solutions UK Ltd ASCII 2 Protocol

Supported Platforms


iOS Developers. Apple require you to add our PPID to your app submission or it will be rejected from the store. To obtain a PPID you need to supply us with information about your app as detailed here


When connected to a reader over Bluetooth the reader must be in Bluetooth SPP mode to connect using the SDK. When in Bluetooth HID (or HII) mode the reader can only send key presses to the host and cannot receive commands


For application development support you can email Support@tsl.com